Catch Registration

Norway introduced a new export quota in 2021 with associated registration of tourist fishing facilities. It is only possible to export fish from Norway if you stay at a registered tourist fishing facility and you report your daily catch during your stay. All accommodations at Hitra Turistservice are registered with the Directorate of Fisheries. The quota for the export of fish and fish products is 18 kg. Freshwater fish such as salmon and trout are not within the 18 kg export quota.

Catch registration is done, depending on the accommodation, through the GoFish or FishReg registration systems. GoFish and FishReg are easy to use, all you need is your own phone number or a pin code. After you return from fishing, you log into GoFish or FishReg via a mobile app or via the web side with your phone number or a pin code and you can then register your catches.

What does this new regulation mean for you as a fishing guest of Hitra Turistservice:

You as a fishing guest must register all daily catch during the entire stay.

The species cod, coalfish, halibut, redfish and wolffish must be registered.

The catches must be registered in numbers.

Fish that have been released must also be registered.

Zero catch must also be registered – it means fishing trips where you have not caught fish.

Catches must be registered per tour per boat.

Documentation of your catch registration will be provided to you by the landlord prior to your departure. This is a certificate that confirms to you as a guest that you can export a quota of 18 kg from Norway. The data of the registered and reported catches are also sent to the Directorate of Fisheries

Of course, after your arrival you will receive all the necessary instructions and information on how to register catches from your host. Logging into the registration system is only possible during your stay.

An instruction manual for the registration systems can be found here:

Link Fishreg poster

Link poster GoFish