Div. extras

Div extra equipments (pre booking)

Floatation suit Price pr.week Euro 45,-

Rental – tackel Price pr. week Euro 65,-

Drift anchor Price pr. week Euro 25,-

Bedlinen Price pr. week Euro 18,-

Towels Price pr. week Euro 5,-

Fishing guide

Our guests can book an experienced fishing guide this year again. He’s a keen angler himself and always seems to know where the fish are biting best. He will come to your holiday house and use your boat to take you to the best marks.

Price per day

NOK 225,- ( 5 hours) NOK 275,- (7-8 hours)

Buy a seamap

All booked guests become by arrival a A3-format seamap for the area around the house. If You want to buy the orginal seamap for a much bigger area, this is possible to order or buy by arrival.

Price pr. map send by mail EUR 48,-

Price pr. map by arrival EUR 42,-