Safety at sea.

Safety at sea

♦ Always wear buoyancy aids, at least a life jacket / life jacket. A life jacket can save your life in an emergency. You can rent floating suits cheaply from us, or buy at a good price.

♦ Always have at least 1 fully charged, waterproof or waterproof packed mobile phone with you, and store the emergency number. It is best if several people on board the boat have a telephone at sea.

♦ To be on the safe side, have a compass with you in case of an emergency or failure of the electronics on board. Fog often comes quickly.

♦ Never drive the boat under the influence of alcohol. If this is not complied with, we will refuse further use of the boat, and in the worst case eviction from the house.
Especially with smaller boats, we ask you NOT to stand in the boat.

♦ Check in advance where and if the boat has a prepared lifebelt. In case someone goes overboard, this can be used as a step loop, because it is almost impossible to pull someone back in the boat, especially when the waves are tough.
The water temperature around Hitra is about 12 degrees on average. The chance of surviving in the event of a boat accident without a floating suit at these temperatures is between approx. 10-60 minutes, depending on your physical condition !!!!!

We do not want to scare you and your fellow travelers about the sea, we do not want to exaggerate either – but everyone should be careful and respect nature. Every year there are accidents with fishing tourists in Norway, and it is mainly human failure that is the cause.