Fresh water fishing

Fresh water fishing on Hitra

There is more than 700 fresh water lakes only on Hitra – in addition Frøya also has a lot of lakes that contains trout.

The main fresh water fish is the trout. However, in lakes with access to sea water there is possibilities to catch salmon and rainbow trout. Eel fishing have not been allowed since 2009. In some lakes located high in the terrain, you can catch char.

In som of the lakes the population of trout contains too many small fish. However, it’s in these lakes you can catch trout over a kilo.

You can buy fishing cards at our shop in Sandstad, on the costal museum (kystmuseet) in Fillan, the supermarket (Joker) in Kvenvær and online on inatur. You can buy day, 3-days or seasonal pass for a fair price.